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Hi everyone and welcome to Speed 4 Sports.

This website was created with passion and love for sports, due to the fact that individual and team sports have being my whole life.

I had started my participation in sports since the age of five (5). I always loved to test my skills in several sports and I was quite a good performer in almost all of them. During this exciting sports life road, I have learned a lot on adjusting my mindset and gained lots of experience in training. From physically practicing at the beach with no equipment, to practicing at home with equipment or using supplement products for a healthy diet.

Despite my genetic sporting skills, I must say that I have also used a lot of sport products over the years, in order to try and improve my skills set and my energy.

By researching and using several products, I have learned a lot about sports equipment products that can actually improve your skills set. At the same time I had learned a lot about supplement products that actually help an athlete’s dietary schedule.

I have come to a point where I actually realized that all sports have four (4) important aspects in which all athletes should be focusing. No matter the sport, all athletes should have:

  1. The right Mindset,
  2. The right Training
  3. The right Equipment
  4. The right Supplements

I feel the need to give back and share that knowledge I have gained over the years.

This is why I will be sharing my advises with you, through my experiences. I do hope you will find it useful and to benefit from that.

A Little Story About My Sports Life.

I have to say that I have being a very active sports person my whole life, thus I have learned to use a lot of interesting workouts that improved my fitness and skill levels.

As a young kid, I had started with Olympic Gymnastics training from five until twelve years old, then moving on to athletics (100 meters running, triple jump and javelin) for four years and then ending up playing for my hometown’s soccer team and my high school’s basketball team. During my studies I had practiced handball and volleyball with great success, ping pong and even badminton. After I finished my studies and came back to my country to work, I started boxing training and ended up training for three years. Till this day my hobbies include soccer, boxing, personal training, running and even a basketball game once or twice per month.

I will tell you a story that took place during my youth, so you can understand how much I love sports and how much I valued my schedule.

At the age of sixteen, I was practicing four sports (combination of two individual and two team sports) at the same time for about a year. You are now definitely asking yourself… How did he make a combination of that? Is he joking? And what about studying? Well, I can tell you how. Obviously I wasn’t Superman. I just had my schedule and I was really focused on that. Plus all the training and workouts I had implemented until that point of my teenage life, had given me a lot of boost for performance. I always had a priority to study just after lunch and then straight to training. Three times per week I had two training sessions in a day and another three times one training a day. Sunday was a must day off so I could rest from the busy week. That was my schedule for about a year. It seems that I had tested my limits during that time but I never regret it. It got me even stronger-especially in terms of mindset for the future.

I have literally spent hours and hours at sports centers, athletic tracks, soccer and basketball pitches and bought and tested a lot of products (equipment to improve my skills and supplements to keep me focused and energetic) that kept me performing.

I have realized since a young age, that mindset, high work ethic, focus, hard work, healthy lifestyle and extra individual training brings results and brings you much closer to your goals either in sports or life itself.

The Game Has Changed.

During the last two (2) decades, all sports have changed. It is actually much more demanding to succeed and the opportunities given are for the strong. In every sport you find real competition and the ones that can stand out from the crowd can make it to the top. I want to help people understand that it takes more than just a simple training in order to become a Pro or creating a healthy life. The mindset, the equipment, the healthy lifestyle, the effort and time you use (especially at a younger age), is an integral part to success.

All the information I will be sharing, is going to be centered around improving your overall skills set, with an underlying focus on your mindset, running speed, body balance, agility, body coordination, technique and strength.

The game has changed and so does the way you need to improve starting from your mindset, way of training, diet and eventually your overall skills.

They Say You Can’t Put A Limit On Anything

There is no point practicing if you are going the wrong way and you are not being productive using the allotted time that you have. A lot can be achieved with the right motivation, equipment and nutrition.

This will lead to more skills set and fuel your energy capacity which will ultimately lead you closer to achieve your goals.

Have a look around and if you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below. I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Founder of Speed 4 Sports


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