Lose Weight With Boxing – A True Experience

To lose weight with boxing, is a fantastic experience. It is an intense sport that provides you with massive calorie burn exercises in a very short time.

Nowadays, you find so many women and men looking for ways to lose weight, either by trying a new sport or following several new diets or even a combination of both. Some ways can work but some ways don’t work! And I ask you this: Wouldn’t be easier for you to try a sport that has already been around for so many years and it is proven to give so much to the body? Yes, I am talking about boxing, which goes back since ancient Greece during the 8th century. I believe everyone has an idea of what boxing is about, but not everyone knows to what extent it is good for.

You don’t need to be a Pro in order to box and you don’t even need to box with anyone. The only thing you need is to show up to your boxing session and learn how to punch that bag! And as you punch that bag, calories will fly away for good!

Within this post, I am going to tell you my true experience with boxing. Why and how I started practicing, what general training Ι had followed, what was my outcome after a couple of months and how this let to a true and amazing experience.

One Thing Leads to Another

After the birth of my first son, life rhythms had slow down. This usually happens when you raise kids and especially at the beginning. People with kids understand 100% what I am talking about :). I had started to eat lots of junk food, not exercising much, spending more hours at the couch in front of the TV and preferred to sleep more whenever I had the opportunity.

When my son was one (1) years old, I realized that I had already gained ten (10) kilos. I went from being a fit guy weighting 76 kg, to a new chubby guy weighting 86 kg! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stepped foot on my home weight scale. It was a real shock for me!

At that time of my life I was working for a small hotel as its GM. One day, a group of boxing athletes came to stay at the hotel. They had a tournament to attend after a couple of days and it was organized by a boxing gym from town. I didn’t pay much attention to it as I was never into boxing or had a lot of knowledge about it.

During their check out after a couple of days, the owner of the boxing gym came to thank me and my staff for the excellent hospitality. Besides that, he gave me a free coupon for one month training at his gym. He said to me and I quote ” I don’t know if you ever tried boxing training but I would suggest you to come and have a look. In case you like it, the first month is on me” .

That is how I started. It was that opportunity I was looking for. I was going to try something new with no real knowledge, but at the same time I had nothing to lose. After all it was for free!!

One thing leads to another. I started for a month and ended up training for three (3) whole years!!


New Sport = Difficult Start

Think about the last time you tried a new sport. Did you struggle at it? Well, you probably did and so was I.

The first two weeks felt really difficult. Keep in mind that I have performed a lot of sports in my life but I never felt like that again. I was struggling with the exercises despite my boost of motivation to finish the one (1) hour training. Especially the very first days, I was feeling like someone was punching my whole upper body for all day long! I felt really sore. This soreness was created just by me punching the bag and performing the general exercises. Nothing more!

Going home after each training, I had to put all my cloths out to dry at least for a day, before putting them in the laundry basket. Besides the proof of sweating on my cloths, I needed to drink at least one (1) liter of water after training, in order to feel hydrated again.

But, despite the difficulty and tiredness, I felt really good. After each training I was feeling totally relaxed, I had a clear mind without any stress and all that toxic food was getting out of my body. I also never forget that showering after training, felt like I was reborn again.

At the end of that month, I had stepped foot again on my home weight scale. Can you imagine the result? I was weighting 82 kg! I had not seen that coming to be honest. I lost four (4) kilos in just one month and by training 3 times per week!! Wow!! Overall, I had done twelve (12) sessions the first month and I felt so happy and excited at the same time!


It Gets Better and Better     

After the first free month, I decided that i would definitely continue with boxing. I got the approval from my wife as well, after she had seen my results :). I paid and renewed my subscription for six more months up front as I was super satisfied with the results. Thinking about it now, I really wish I knew what boxing was from before. People say though, “rather late than never”. And that’s correct.

During the second month, I began feeling better and better at each training and eventually it felt like a day at the park. My stamina, cardio, hand speed, balance and coordination had begun to rise in very high levels and I was feeling stronger day by day.

So, by continuing my schedule (three times per week) and my training (general boxing training), the second month I had lost two (2) more kilos and the third month another two (2) kilos. I lost eight (8) kilos after three months of boxing training. My body weight had drop to 78 kg from the 86 kg three months before. That is not bad for a rookie! Wouldn’t you agree?

The rest of the months (and years eventually) I did not lose or gained weight. My weight was steady at 78 kg and there is a very good explanation for that. My body came to a point that it did not need to lose more weight. Plus, I had also built my muscles together with losing weight. That is the exact reason.


My General Boxing Training

Just to help you understand what kind of training I was following, that made me lose weight naturally and fast, you can see below. There are four parts in an approximately one (1) hour boxing training, from start to finish:


– 5′ minutes running in circles, in a space of 20-30 sqm for body warm up

– 1′ minute break

– 5′ minutes of very good stretching / From head to toes

– 1′ minute break

– 5′ minutes of push-ups, abdominal and back exercises

– 2′ minutes break


– 5′ minutes of *shadow boxing

– 2′ minutes break


– 30′ minutes on the boxing bag / Several exercises that combine the straight, the uppercut or the hook punches / breaks of 2′ minutes between each exercise


– 5′ minutes of very good stretching / From head to toes

*shadow boxing is like fighting an invisible opponent. Your opponent is basically the air. This prepares you for the main training on the boxing bag and sparring.


Tips to Follow

I am going to write down for you my tips by experience. My suggestion is to follow them in order to get the maximum results. All of them are very simple and easy to manage:

– Train three (3) times per week minimum. If you can train more, then do it without a question.

– Have the basics in your bag: Gloves, hand wrap, body towel, face towel, water bottle, mouth guard (you might want to use it after a while).

– Always follow the instructions of your coach.

– Learn how to use your hand wrapping correct.

– Use each break to the maximum. This will keep you going correctly from one exercise to another.

– Don’t cheat during exercises and perform them to your maximum.

– Don’t quit when you feel exhausted. That is where the calories are burned to maximum.

– Always stretch after you finish the main training. This will be your cooling down but also prevent you from maximum soreness.

– After a couple of months when you start feeling stronger, perform the full training using your mouth guard. From start to finish. The mouth guard blocks your maximum breathing (besides protecting your teeth when sparring), so if you learn to train with it then your stamina will be doubled after some sessions.



Many people say that boxing training is one of the best ways to lose weight and at the same time achieve a great level of fitness than probably any other sport could give you. You know what? They are absolutely right. With an hour of boxing you can burn from 600 to even 800 calories always depending on the intensity of training and the level you stand.

After my first year of training, I was feeling like a dynamite. One day I went to play an 11 vs 11 soccer game with friends for an hour. After we finished the game, I felt like playing for another hour without sweating :). I am honestly saying it without any exaggeration!

There is so much to gain from boxing. I started from zero without having a clear idea and I am now inspired and passionate about it!

I have now stopped going to the boxing gym so often, due to having less everyday time (I have two sons now!). But I have added a boxing bag at the backyard of my house and I am still performing everything that I have learned from those three years. My older son joins me for a training now and I am so very proud of him. That is why I have called it a true and amazing experience. It has benefit me and it will benefit others as well.

So, why not start today in order to experience everything I have mentioned with boxing? You have nothing to lose.

Believe me, after a while everyone is going to be asking how you lost weight. And your smiley answer will be: “Simple, with boxing training”!!

To your Fitness and Loss of Weight! Cheers!


P.S. Feel free to share this post and leave a comment below with any questions or ideas or even your own experiences. I would be happy to hear from you.



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6 thoughts on “Lose Weight With Boxing – A True Experience”

  1. Hi Ioannis,

    I used to attend 9Round club. Is a high intensity 30 minutes box circuit training and I cannot agree with you more- I have lost so much weight and had so much fun, whilst releasing all the stress accumulated on the day. Boxing is a fantastic way to loose weight!

    Thank you for the informative post.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Yoana. Thank you for the comment.
      I am really glad that you can relate to my post by your experiences.
      This makes it another proof that boxing works 100% on losing weight.
      Thanks again.
      All the best and stay safe.

  2. I love boxing for weight loss. As you mentioned, you can burn a lot of calories! Plus, it is a great way to reduce stress and blow off some steam. The fact that you work out your whole body is great and for someone my age, building muscle is always a plus. Thanks for the great post!

    • Hi Melissa. Thank you for your comment.
      Yes you are absolutely right. It is a really good way to lose weight, reduce stress and build up muscles at the same.
      Wishing you all the best and stay safe.

  3. You did a great job Ioannis! I believe that this is the information that can’t be find on the web easily and you decided to share it with others for free, that’s really great!
    I didn’t know much about how to lose weight with boxing but I’ve been always interested to know more about this topic and your comprehensive guide helped me a lot. I don’t know if you wrote this post 100% by yourself or got help from other sources as well, anyway, it has really brilliant information which convinced me to share it with my friends on social networks.
    I think, the Internet needs more quality posts like yours these days, especially when we see a lot of crappy ads and scams about this topic. You can’t read a post easily on a website without seeing tons popups but your site and post is an ideal example of a quality article which is not covered by annoying ads, has very useful information and lets readers enjoy reading every piece of it.

    Thank you again and I wish you continue providing such that quality information in the future which turn the Internet and blogs into a better place to surf!


    • Thank you for your nice comments Ali.
      I am glad you find the post useful.
      I am always writing posts by experience and giving tips to help people that are interested about each specific subject. Boxing is one of my true favorites.
      Would be looking forward to hear more from you.



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